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Healing sessions specializing in Relieving Chronic Pain: Headaches, Back Pain, Concussive injuries, Emotionally caused pain and TMJ Pain through Light Touch Bodywork Working in Harmony with your Body's Own Natural Healing Process.

OFFERING the lastest HOLY FIRE II Reiki Classes!

Interested in learning how to do hands on healing for yourself and your family? Come and see what the excitement is all about. This very high vibrational energy is channeled directly from spirit. It helps heal deeply rooted emotional and physical issues.  And, it is easy to learn!

All Reiki Classes are taught in the Usui lineage of William Rand of the International Reiki Training Center with Holy Fire II placements and ignitions and all the latest updates and information. Class size limited so you have the benefit of a small group and personal attention. Please email to preregister, ask questions or to find out if these classes are right for you.  Let us know if you are interested so can add you to my email list. I will organize classes by request as well for your friends and family.

Classes are about acheiving personal health, inner peace, and spiritual growth to become the person you were meant to be. Acquiring skills and reaching personal goals to bring love, healing and peace to your world. What differentiates my classes from other teachers is the small caring environment and my commitment to support and mentor my students long after the class is over. Some of my students use these skills in other professions, become reiki practitioners, but many just use them at home on themselves or with family and friends.


Sound Healing with Joe Hayes Sunday October 22nd at 4pm $35 suggested donation An amazing afternoon awaits! Come join us as Joe Hayes of SoundScapers builds a temple of exquisite sound and tone in this group sound healing practice. Be bathed in chant, guided imagery, the didgeridoo, the shruti box, trance Native American drumming, and over a dozen crystal quartz and Tibetan sound bowls, in a deeply therapeutic and profoundly relaxing 90 minute practice. You'll feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and literally re-tuned. Pre-register early- space is limited. You are welcome to bring a mat and blanket or whatever else you need to make yourself comfortable on the floor; mats/pillows and chairs are available. to register or questions.


REIKI I Saturday September 30th 9-4pm $165 In one day, learn a gentle and safe healing technique to treat yourself and others. Reiki helps develop your personal health, personal growth, intuition, find your life purpose, become more of the person you were meant to be. Reiki is easy to learn. Class includes Reiki I Holy Fire placement to receive the reiki energy, hands on practice giving and receiving Reiki, light refreshments, manual by William Lee Rand, Reiki I Certificate, and email support. Class size limited.5 spots available email to register.

REIKI II Sunday October 21st 9-4:30pm $200 In this second level Reiki class, we learn the lastest uptodate information from William Lee Rand for Reiki II. Reiki I is required. Students from other teachers and Usui lineages accepted. This class includes the Usui Reiki II symbols for increased power, mental/emotional healing and distance healing and healing experiences. Students receive the Reiki II placement (replacing the old attunement) and learn how to give healing sessions to yourself and others. The class is about personal health, personal growth, and becoming the person you want to be. Many find this class a deep healing experience as we use the energy of the room to work on eachother. $200 includes reiki touch kit by William Lee Rand, refreshments and email support. A $15 discount if you take Reiki I with me and sign up for Reiki II at that time.

REIKI ART AND MASTER TEACHER 3-DAY November 10-12 9-4pm each day $750 We begin the journey with Advanced Reiki Training (ART) on day 1 we learn the Reiki Master symbol, how to use it in treatments and for personal development. We receive the Holy Fire ART Placement. On Day 2 and 3 we move into the Master Teacher class in which we learn the Holy Fire master symbol, receive Holy Fire ignitions and learn how to give placements and teach all levels of Reiki. Class is a healing journey which many take for personal health, growth and the deep healing experience. Others go on to teach Reiki. Fee includes manual, certificate, refreshments and email support. The old attunements have been changed to placements and ignitions allowing teacher and student to be participants in the process. This class requires taking Reiki I and II. Students from other teachers accepted. Fee includes Holy Fire II Master Teacher manual, light snacks, email support and ability to assistant teach any of my classes. $300 Discount for my previous Master Teacher students. $175 Discount for students who have taken ART from me or Master Teacher from another teacher. I will also take students who only want to do the first day ART class for $275 on November 10th. 6 spots available email to register or for more information.

Interested in reiki classes?  Send me an email. I always have students interested and classes forming. See the classes page for more info on classes and registration or email me

Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy

Sessions are gentle and deeply relaxing with light touch, soft music and dimly lit atmosphere. Clients are fully clothed as I use my palpation and treatment skills to remove tension and restrictions in the body and calm and balance the nervous system.  Often this type of bodywork is effective when traditional medicine fails. Clients come because of injury, chronic pain or illness, emotional issues and more.

Essential Oils

I offer free workshops in essential oils each month on a variety of topics from Immune support, to mood, attention or anxiety to weightloss.  I am always running different workshops to share my knowledge and love of these gifts from nature.  Essential oils are the immune system of the plant.  They are extremely concentrated and powerful.   The can be used for strengthening the immune system, promoting physical and emotional health and well being.

CranioSacral Therapy Sessions for Infants

offering light touch sessions for newborns and infants to release restrictions and stress from the birth process and helping with the adjustment to a new life.  Helpful to relieve colic, pain and support feeding and supporting developmental milestones.  Pre and post frenulum revision care.

Come and see what positive change feels like in your world.