Treating Children

Sometimes we go deep into the 100 Acre Woods or on an animal safari.  I make my table and room more inviting so when little ones arrive they see safe and happy faces to great them.   Often parents read one of the wide selection of children's books I have available as we talk, laugh and work together.  Children understand they feel relaxed and safe here and often ask to return. They often sleep well at night and feel calmer and more relaxed as their nervous system is relaxed by the session.

Reiki treatments

Reiki treatments for children are shorter than adults, about 30 minutes, as children move the energy more quickly than adults and often their bodies use it very effectively.  Children, even the most exuberant ones are always welcome to come for sessions.  Reiki can be used to treat illnesses and infections, emotional and behavioral issues, and to turn around negative situations. Distance sessions can be done with children so they don't even have to be aware that Reiki is being used for their benefit and they can move freelys around the room.

Often children with special needs respond to Reiki. Some of these children are more in tune with the spiritual healing they are receiving and feel safe and relaxed and enjoy the sessions. In some cases it is just a calmness and in others it is a profound improvement.

CranioSacral for Children

By adding CST to my treatment sessions I have seen some amazing results with children. While results cannot always be predicted, they have always been positive and are noticeable after just one session and dramatic in as few as 3 sessions.

In general, I find that children who are motivated and want to change because they are not happy with some aspect of their selves or their lives often make quick and dramatic shifts. For those kids who are comfortable in their own skin the changes often take longer.  Some kids relax right into the sessions and fall asleep. Others may fight the calming/relaxing nature of the sessions and get figity.

Health issues such pain, illness, ear infections, developmental delay, autism trauma, migraines, anxiety are greatly helped by this work. I have experience with many children with sensory issues, anxiety, selective mutism, autism, aspergers and more. CranialSacral work has been effective in working with behavioral and learning issues such as:  hyperactivity, sleep issues, reading, speech, visual, attention issues and more!