See Class Information below for Reiki, Essential Oil, TummyTime!, Group Healing, Meditation with Sound Healing and more.


Reiki Classes

I offer a complete set of Reiki certification classes from Reiki I beginner through Reiki IV master teacher practitioner.  See my Reiki classes page for complete descriptions.

Reiki Classes are taught in the latest Holy Fire/Usui system from William Lee Rand. In the lineage of Dr. Usui and Mrs. Takata. My master was William Lee Rand, Founder of the International Reiki Training Center and my classes are taught in his tradition using authentic Japanese techniques, the latest Holy Fire II placements and ignitions and the traditional Usui symbols.  Since Reiki is handed down from Master to student lineage is an important concern.  After completing my classes, students have a deep understanding of the Reiki tradition, the traditional Japanese techniques used, the meanings and origins of symbols and how to use them.   Each class is a deep personal healing and spiritual experience that enables you to let go of past issues and move forward on your life path in a more positive and fulfilling way.  I never hold any knowledge back as I want my students to have all the benefits of my knowledge and experience.

Essential Oil Classes

Run frequently throughout the year on various topics.  Experiential and small group classes let you sample and ask questions.

Tummy Time Classes

I am offering small group baby with mom/dad or caregiver to learn how to roll into TummyTime!tm These classes are designed to take out the stress and bring in the fun into Tummy time activies.  Tummy time is critical to infant development by promoting strong head, neck and shoulder muscles, proper head shape, promote motor skill development, nervous system development and maturity, sensory development, eye movement and visual development, digestion support, neck elongation and support to clear ear, nose and throat issues.

Upcoming Tummy Time Classes.  Each class runs for 4 weekly sessions and cost is $70 each session.

Contact me for more info or to register for Tummy Time Classes