CranioSacral Therapy

What is CranioSacral Therapy?

CranioSacral Therapy or CST is a gentle hands on therapy technique.   In general, clients feel well and relaxed during and after a session and sleep well that night.  Because it works with the rhythms of the body, CST is effective on a variety of illnesses and injuries as the practitioner works where the body is indicating a restriction.  With a light touch, restrictions in the body are gently released and the body finds balance with better circulation, mobility and less pain.

This is an energetic light touch therapy so it works similar to Reiki in that hands are placed gently on the body at various points as the head, shoulders, torso and legs. By accessing the CS system, your own body's natural healing process is initiated. Body work facilitates gentle releases of the fascia or connective tissues that surround the muscles. These releases result in fluid pressure changes and minor adjustments in bone and tissue alignment. It is these fine adjustments that work to re-balance the system, relieving pressure, pain, stress and illness. CST Works well for stress and alignment issues such as TMJ. Unlike Chiropractic work, CST works gently and  with your own body's rhythms and permission. So it makes small gentle changes and never forces your body, but only assists your body in making the changes that are right for your internal healing process and continues to balance your body.

CST helps with many conditions often those not helped by conventional medicine.  Migraines, back pain, nerve issues, autoimmune disease and more.   Because CST works with an individual and their specific needs a wide range of help problems can be resolved.

Dr. Upledger orignially started his work with CST to work to help children with autism and ADHD and has been show to be an effective therapy for children as it can in many cases relieve symptoms such as hyperactivity and anxiety, can improve communication, flexibility and behavior. Issues in the temporal area have been found to cause reading problems and dyslexia. Cranial Base issues involving tightness in the back of the neck have been related to coordination, communication, autism and much more.

While results can not be predicted, I have seen some very nice positive results often immediately after just one session.   Most dramatic results I see are often clients with chronic pain.   Generally clients have an overall sense of wellbeing, have more energy, feel more relaxed, sleep well and have creative ideas.

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