CranioSacral Classes

Share Care - One Day Introduction to CranioSacral Therapy

Workshop participants with no background in anatomy or physiology can learn about the craniosacral system and its influence on their overall health.  You will be introduced to a few simple techniques: palpation of the craniosacral rhythm, the CV-4 self-help technique, the still point, the V-spread and TMJ decompression.  These techniques were designed to relieve headaches, reduce stress, control pain, promote relaxation, and to lead participants to a greater understanding of their role in their own health.  This workshop provides a medium in which people may come to realize their natural healing.

One of the goals of The Upledger Institute is to teach people that they play the most active role in their own health.  Because many have surrendered their healing potential to advanced technology, the Upledger Institute offers ShareCare to help them develop an appreciation for their own abilities to heal. ShareCare has been specifically designed by Dr. John E. Upledger for persons with no prior knowledge of anatomy or physiology.  Dr. Upledger is the osteopathic physician who led the research team to establish the scientific basis for a craniosacral system.  He has shown how the system can be used to evaluate and treat misunderstood malfunctions involving the brain, spinal cord, and a myriad of other health problems such as chronic pain, lowered vitality, and recurring infections.  Class size is limited to 9.  No experience necessary. Recommended reading The Inner Physician and You by John Upledger.

CranioSacral Therapy One Review - One Day Review Class

This class is designed for students who have taken CST 1 from Upledger or equivalent and want a one day review of the 10-step protocol before going on to CST 2.   This class will have lecture, review and question and answer time and then a full 10-step will be given and received.   Class size is limited to 10.   Must have completed CST 1 or equivalent and have practiced and done atleast ten 10-step protocols before coming to class.