CranioSacral Therapy for Infants

When treating infants, I have learned to respect the spirit of the person in this small body and really honor that baby.  I talk to the baby and explain what I do and ask for permission to proceed.  I do not do anything the baby does not like or want or accept.   I work gently with the parent to make the session as relaxing and nuturing as possible.   The hands on work is very light touch and minimal and can be done with the mother holding the baby, or with some combination of the mother and I working together to support the infant as she unwinds and releases tension and restrictions in the body.  As these tensions and restrictions are freed, the baby will naturally create new alignment and more optimal health.  Misalignments and tensions in the body can contribute to future problems such as scoliosis, developmental delays, feeding issues and more as it creates increased pressure on blood vessels and nerves.   This work can be done while nursing, sleeping, crying or during a diaper change as we meeting the infant where he or she is at that moment.

Reasons to treat a baby with CST are:

Colic, reflux, teething, fussiness and other discomforts of infancy.
Torticollis, plagiocephaly, and brachycephaly
Breast feeding and latching difficulties
Difficult labors, difficult births, and Cesarian births.
Sleep issues
Pre and post procedure for Tongue Tie/Lip Tie
Ear infections
Sensory issues
mobility concerns or delays in motor development
most any health concern
Wellness visit