Distance Treatments

Distance Treatment

Lay back in bed or in a comfortable chair and be open to receive.   Distance treatments are relaxing are renewing to support your healing process.  A distance treatment can be done when an acute situation occurs and someone cannot come to a session because they are too ill or there is not time.  Sometimes this technique is used simply because a client is too far away to be seen in person.  Often these sessions are shorter, 20-30 minutes and can be a very powerful healing.

I combine Reiki and Craniosacral techniques into my sessions and use visualizations as well as energetic releases.  Most clients can feel the sensations of release in their bodies during and after the sessions.  Once the energy is in, it can take up 2 days to see the full results as things continue to shift and improve.

We have had much success using distance healing for clients with pain issues such as migraines, fevers, surgeries, shingles and hospitalizations.  As well as just relieving back pain, headaches, and chronic illnesses and conditions.

Distance also works quite well for important events or setting goals.  So whether you want your vacation to go more smoothly than you thought possible, or you want perfect wedding or maybe just to have divorce proceedings without a lot of stress and struggle.  Or maybe you are buying or selling a house.   The sessions can be used for almost anything:  court dates, weddings, IEP meetings, divorces, selling houses, summer camp, parties, vacations.  Clients have told me how things have worked out perfectly for them for special days or when things went wrong, how quickly and effortlessly things seem to resolve as the energy was working to solve problems that came up.