Medical Conditions

Reiki For Treating Serious Medical Conditions

Reiki can treat any medical condition by deeply relaxing the body and promoting ones own natural healing.  The treatments are both gentle and effective in reducing pain and other symptoms of illness. 

Reiki works as a complementary therapy and can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy and other drug treatments and can often relieve side effects associated with these treatments.  You can use Reiki with pain medications to increase their effectiveness.

While most experience a feeling of calm and deep relaxation,  for some people the results are more dramatic and illnesses are greatly improved.   For many, it is the feelings of calmness and acceptance that help them come to terms with their illness or in terminal cases to facilitate a more peaceful death.  

Reiki is commonly available in hospitals and if you are hospitalized, ask if Reiki is available to you.  This can often be provided by a staff member or Reiki volunteer.  Reiki can be used before and after surgery to improve the healing and recovery time as well as reduce pain.