Retail Shop is Open by Appointment Only.  I do not have time to run the shop and see my clients.


DoTerra Essential Oils

I carry a small stock of essential oils in the shop  or you can order online at

Retail Store

Retail store has a selection of handmade organic soaps and body products.   Deodorant has been our best selling item.  All products are made with organic oils and doTerra Essential oils.

Shop also has wire wrapped crystal pendants, selenite and selenite lamps, Reiki books, Essential Oil books and more.


Lifewave Patches and Homeopathics.  Taking ancient healing knowledge and bringing it forward to the 21st century.   Lifewave patches offer home acupuncture techiques to reduce pain, sleep issues, weight issues, improve athletic performance, reduce and reverse the signs of aging, and improve overall health.  The homeopathic sprays bring instant relief in a convenient spray bottle.  Lifewave products are safe, natural and deliver amazing results.  Visit the lifewave website for details and order information.  I have a limited stock of Lifewave products in the retail store.



Revitapop is a delicious organic and all natural lollypop that contains methylcobalamin (MB12). MB12 is the only neurologically active version of vitamin B12.  MB12 is a very unique vitamin and deficiency can affect vision, intestinal function, the ability to protect against infections and toxins, nerve functioning, and DNA replication.  I became interested in this product when I learned how it could help the autism population with language, bowel function and relaxing the nervous system.   See the revitapop website for product benefits and details and research information.   Here is a link to some amazing recovery videos using MB12 in either the pop or original nasal spray.   You can order online or contact me for samples or purchase at a discount