Qigong Massage for Autism

Qigong Massage is a daily massage therapy based on traditional Chinese medicine.  It takes about 15 minutes a day and is easy to perform.  It helps to relax and tone the nervous and sensory systems.  Qigong is like daily medince and with daily practice, this therapy will yield results in improved social interaction, potty training, speech, overall sensory integration and more.   This is a research based treatment for autism with several published studies.  see www.qsti.org for more information on this therapy or contact me via email maria.concordreiki.com

As a qsti trailed provider, I can work with you to train you to do the massage with your child, provide materials for home use, work with your child on a weekly or biweekly basis to help you make increase progress and troubleshoot issues that come at home.   As a practitioner I will handle the difficult deblocking that will help your child move forward and make progress and you can focus on the deep pressure filling work to bond with your child and fill them with loving energy.