Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes are taught in the Usui System in the lineage of Dr. Usui and Mrs. Takata.  My master was William Lee Rand, Founder of the International Reiki Training Center and my classes are taught in his tradition using authentic Japanese techniques, the latest Holy Fire II energy placements and ignitions and the traditional Usui symbols.  Since Reiki is handed down from Master to student lineage is an important concern.  After completing my classes, students have a deep understanding of the Reiki tradition, the traditional Japanese techniques used, the meanings and origins of symbols and how to use them.   Each class is a deep personal healing and spiritual experience that enables you to let go of past issues and move forward on your life path in a more positive and fulfilling way.  I never hold any knowledge back as I want my students to have all the benefits of my knowledge and experience.

Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki I: A deeply healing experience! $175

A class that gives you the tools to relax and improve your health and treat others! Class includes: The history and explanation of the origins of Reiki The 7 major chakras and their connection to the body Giving a complete Reiki treatment for self and others The Reiki I energy placement for healing Practice using Reiki on yourself and others Japanese Reiki techniques Byosen Scanning and Beaming Usually taught as 1 day intensive; Certification as a Reiki I practitioner. My previous students may retake this class for $75.

Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki II: A powerful continuation of Reiki I $200

This class strengthens your Reiki powers and intuitive healing abilities. Achieve goals and heal emotional issues. Class includes: The Reiki increase power symbol Reiki distance healing symbol Reiki emotional growth/healing symbol Reiki II energy placement for healing and aligning your energy with these new symbols Japanese Reiki technique Gyoshi ho Practice using these new techniques and symbols; Certification as a Reiki II Practitioner. $200. My previous students may retake this class for $100.

Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki III Advanced Reiki Training (ART) $250

Advanced healing techniques (requires completion of Reiki I and II and 6 months or more experience doing Reiki). Does not require any previous experience with the Holy Fire energies. Students from other teachers accepted. Class includes: Reiki Master symbol and master level training Psychic surgery techinique Healing with crystals Reiki Crystal grid Reiki Master symbol energy placement Advanced Reiki Practitioner Certificate.  Fee includes manual, crystals for grid and email support. Previous students may retaket his class for $125.

Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki ART and Master Teacher - 3 day $750

A class for those who are ready to to live a positive and more spiritual life. Become deeply healed and prepare to teach others the wonders of Reiki. Class includes: Instruction on Class Preparation for teaching all levels Reiki Master Teacher  Instruction and practice on all Reiki placements and ignitions including the Usui and Holy Fire Reiki healing symbols as taught at the International Reiki Training Center Certification as a Reiki Master Teacher.  This class includes the the one day Advanced Reiki Training and a two days of master teacher training. Fee includes Master Teacher manual, email support and invitation to attend as an assistant teacher in any of my reiki classes.  My previous Master Teacher students may take this class with a $300 discount.  My previous ART students or any master teacher students from another teacher receive a $200 discount.